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2334 Belmar Drive
Belleair Bluffs, FL, 33770


About the Artist


Glen M. DePasse

2017 Gasparilla festival of the arts (tampa, fla.) "emerging artist" winner

2018 15th annual Martini's & matisse (clearwater, fla.) first place 2-d art category


2019 33rd annual alliance of the arts (FORT MYERS, FLA.) HONORABLE MENTION


Studied printing, screen printing, mechanical & architectural drawing - Menasha High School, Menasha, WI.

Studied Art & Design, cast & welded sculpture and drawing - University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh.

Art Director - GRAFIX Corporation, Largo, Fl.

Co-founder/Former Co-owner of Master Art & Frame, Tampa, Fl.


In 2016 I converted half of my home into an art studio with dedicated space for art, design and photography. After having too many irons in the fire for years, and being well into the second half of my life, I've finally decided to focus on my personal artistic passions that for so long have been put on the back burner. In a way it's like being a kid again, spending a Saturday in the garage creating “stuff" with paint, wood, paper and brush. 

As a grade schooler I couldn't wait for art class – cutting and pasting construction paper, making stencils, discovering the difference in pencil leads for drawing, and being excited about bringing my finished work home to show mom. 

Junior high brought me into the realm of drawing, clay sculpture and watercolor under the instruction of some very good, encouraging teachers. Then in high school I delved into printing, gaining valuable experience in offset printing, screen printing, linocut, type composition, and acquired an appreciation for the art of communicating on paper. High school would also introduce me to perhaps my favorite subjects, architectural and mechanical drawing, along with some challenging math. It was quite gratifying to see the sketch of a dream home come to finely detailed fruition on paper, or the accurately drawn communication of how fabricated parts would assemble into a working machine. 

College art classes offered a new dynamic – the freedom for unlimited use of the school art facility. This offered a whole new level of creativity. Welded and cast sculpture, painting, figure drawing and design were my classes of choice. I even managed to get a 24 hour pass allowing me to weld, cut, bend and sand blast iron and steel until four or five in the morning. I must have been doing something right because most of the finished pieces were stolen from the art department storage unit. They were later spotted in different dorm rooms around campus. 

My first employment after college was as a paste up artist, and eventually becoming an art director, for a graphics firm specializing in industrial marking/printing, photo/darkroom and screen printing. I've always had a small art studio in my home to dabble in, but the need to maintain a full time job took precedence over art. 

I settled into the custom picture framing business, managing, and eventually opening my own store with a business partner. As always, my studio was intact at home. I sold my half of the frame shop after eleven years and ended up in sales for one of my frame supply vendors. 

Over this time my home space increased, as well as the art studio, now with dedicated areas for photography, architectural design / modeling and water color. My main focus is manipulating textiles as subject matter for the photographic studio. I've always been passionate about photography, of any subject. What they say is true – a photograph is worth a thousand words. I carry a camera where ever I go and my eyes are always searching for something unique – a shape, shadow, figure, texture or tonal gradation created by oxidation, or a sequence of shadows that create alluring depth. And yes – an awesome sunset or a twisting, reaching oak covered in beautifully colored lichen. 

 The "Suggestive Atmospheric" series implies an imaginary landscape exuding privacy, simplicity and stillness. Personally, places like these are where I seem to slow things down and find clarity. The images are created using airbrushed fabrics and reflective substrates. The remaining series, ALTERE (an altered state - also containing two images derived from weathered concrete, "Azteca" and "Chieftain I"), COMPOSITE (assembled cut-outs), INTROSPECTIVE (inspired by personal growth), MAILLAGE (mesh), NOIR BLANC MIRIOR (black & white mirrored), PLATINUM (metallic) and SENDAL MIRIOR (silk mirrored) are created by manipulating fabric into sculptures (that I refer to as "Set-ups") via directional tensioning upon a large framed device I designed to support them on a vertical plane. Fabric mesh counts, surface fiber, ink /paint absorption and translucency all come into play. These sculptures are then creatively front or back lit to the desired aesthetic. I shoot with a Canon EOS 6D DSLR with a full frame sensor. The only thing I do on Photoshop is crop and flip the image. Except for the image "Mysterium" (a collage created from multiple images) all images are the result of one "Set-up", one shot. All images are printed in my studio on a 44" Canon 4000 Image Pro inkjet printer. I custom frame my own work in studio as well, this is limited to art show inventory and local customers.