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O.R. Prelude


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O.R. Prelude


O.R. Prelude

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O.R. Prelude or more precisely Operating Room Prelude. Here's the short version - On August 27th of 2013 I was in need of emergency open heart surgery. I could not have lived without it. When the attendants wheeled me down the hall into the O.R. I had already made my peace with God and put my trust in his will. In this image in center foreground lies the operating table with me wrapped up on it except for the opening to access my heart. There are two figures (with hoods and masks) arched on both sides right above me, the surgeons. I am about to enter the bustle of the O.R. into the light of the spirit that looks over me. The glow behind the upper portion, beyond the up stretched arms is the mystery. The darkness in the background is the unknown. I came to at 10:00 pm, after 15 hours of sedation. I had started to move on the table requiring more anaesthetic. 

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